Updated: MOCK CLASS info June 2017

Below is the official information directly from the VIPKID freshdesk… This is exciting stuff and read it carefully.

I’m also attaching two pdf files about the recruitment process. Not everyone is a great candidate, but it is worth trying to get an interview and passing.  I’ve really enjoyed this job and I have to say I wasn’t excited to do this. It was hard for me to change me schedule. I’m a real night owl and love to stay up late. So I had to change my schedule just a bit. So instead of being up until 2 am and getting up at 10, I’ve had to change to be in bed at exactly 1 am or earlier and be up by 7:30-8:00am most days. Hey it works and I do get enough sleep according to my fit bit. lol

Here’s some information.

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June 19 – Changes to the VIPKID Recruitment Process

Modified on: Mon, 19 Jun, 2017 at 6:41 PM

Changes to the VIPKID Recruitment process

In the current process, for candidates to pass the mock class stage, they have to be able to teach all levels well from the start. This is not easy to accomplish, and we often find candidates that are stronger in either lower or upper levels, but not both. We hope that this change can enable more amazing candidates to join our platform! Furthermore, it is sometimes difficult for new teachers to teach all levels once they start at VIPKID, so we hope that these changes ensure a better transition:


1)   Level-Specific Mock Classes

From now on, after the mock class stage, candidates will be certified to teach specific levels based on their mock class performance.


2)   The old Mock Class 2 PPT will be the new mock class 1 PPT.

Candidates start by teaching the Letter X PPT for 12 minutes, have 10 to 15 minutes for feedback, then teach Level 5 PPT also wrapping up with a feedback for this level. They will be assessed with two different rubrics. If they pass for Beginner levels, they will start teaching these levels and after 100 classes, they may apply for a new level certification. The same happens in case they pass for Intermediate levels. If none of the levels’ performance stood out, they will only be invited for a second Mock Class.


The results of the mock class 1 can be:

-Pass both levels: candidate is able to teach both lower and upper level classes

-Pass only lower level: candidate is able to teach only lower level classes

-Pass only upper level: candidate is able to teach only upper level classes

-Go to Mock Class 2: we would like the candidate to take another mock class in the level that the candidate performed best during mock class 1.


3) Mock Class 2 PPT will be level specific:

-If best performance in MC 1 was lower level, candidates will teach a Level 2 class. The class will be Letter P.

-If best performance in MC 1 was upper level, candidates will teach an upper level class. The class will be Earth, our Home, which is about environmental protection.


The results of the Mock Class 2 can be:

-Pass to teach either lower or upper level, depending on the Mock Class 2 that the candidate just taught


There were also other improvements. Candidates will receive feedback when they pass OR fail the process so that they can improve if they want to reapply.

Final thoughts

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment. I’m glad to give pointers or share product ideas for class or whatever. Ask away!

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Happy Teaching.

4025 minutes STRONG; About Cancelling Classes and what’s new

WOW! I can’t believe it! I have 493 followers, 36 reviews of 5 apples status, and 4025 minutes under my belt. I’ve been working with VIPKID for 93 days. I’m loving every minute and life just keeps getting better with VIPKID.  So much new is happening.

Since the beginning of last month, I’ve been 100% booked. This is amazing. This past week I’ve lost a class or so, but I think that was a blessing in disguise, because I’ve been very sick. Now, I don’t know about most teachers, but I pushed myself to do my classes. I really know my students depend on me to work with them and they always make me happy.

Two Mondays ago, I did class all morning. I was lucky and the heavens were watching over me, and had a cancellation in my favor. I was so sick I don’t know how I got through class. The lesson is a blur in my mind. 😦 This past week, I ended up with a sinus infection and my tonsils were killing me all week. I’m amazed I did my lessons, but I did it. Even one student told me that I should take a break and go get some sleep. I said “No, I need to teach you. You are important.” She said okay and we got through class. I shortly went to the doctor to find out that I was truly very sick. 😦 I even ended up with a mild case of pink eye. Now, if I would’ve had pink eye this morning I may have considered not doing class.

So what happens if you cancel class because you are sick or something else? Well… Pretty simple. You can cancel under soft cancel or hard cancel. Starting today, you can now cancel Trials if necessary on your own. Soft cancels are good and you don’t get penalized for them so long as you tell them more than 24 hours in advance or you have proof of your illness or medical issue. Otherwise, you lose about $2 for every 1-3 classes cancelled.  A soft cancel example would be the following: let’s say you are 9 months pregnant. You go into labor before your class starts. You can do a soft cancel and you won’t be penalized, if you have proof of the birth certificate of the baby or hospital discharge papers. Another example, would be appendicitis. You shouldn’t have to be penalized because that gum ball you ate when you were 5, finally decided it didn’t want to be stuck in you forever. 🙂 Get the picture. Soft cancels are a dream for us. Below are examples of a cancellation options screen.

So many things. I’m going to be posting another post later this week about the Mock Classes and what is new with them. Too many things to share today. 🙂 I love it.

VIPKID also made Women’s Day Magazine. I’m so happy to hear this too. We are also starting Summer Prep courses this year. This is exciting and I have yet to study this. I’ll be sure to share this with you all once I figure it out. 🙂 lol

Well… Enough for my update and explanation of Cancellations.  I’ll be posting the info about Mock Classes in another post later this week and I’ll share with you the VIPKID Zazzle store. This is so cool! I just got my T-shirt with DINO. Who doesn’t love DINO!

Happy Teaching and have a great week! Keep a look out for my next post!

My first 8 weeks at VIPKID

Wow! It’s been a busy few weeks for me. After week 6 of being with VIPKID, I am now officially 100% booked for all the times I have open. I do mean all the times.  

I’ve noticed that even times that are not peak are now getting booked. This makes me thrilled. I have about 500 followers (students/parents) I wish I knew who they all were; that is a lot of people I may add.  I have about 2300 minutes under my belt and 91 classes completed. 

Did I mention the pay is great, too?! For the month of May I’ll will have about $600 made. I’m thrilled. That’s working 2 hours, 3 days a week, 1 day 1 1/2 hours, and my Fridays are my happy days, because I work 1 1/2 hours in the morning and 1 1/2 hours at night. I’m loving it! I don’t need to do that much, but I felt like challenging myself just alittle bit to see how much I can actually make. I’m pretty happy. But I just saw the newsletter today and they mentioned things are going to change a bit as summer comes into play. I’m hoping it doesn’t cramp my style, because I’m getting use to my schedule and I’m having fun! We’ll see. Come join me if you are interested.

In the mean time, I’ve only had a repeat of 10 classes. I’m creating a special database for myself for the lessons and materials. I have fun printing out the materials and studying them later on. I have a digital and physical database. Never know if or when you may not have Internet.

I love the app for iOS, too. It is awesome. You can see all the PPTs on the screen up to two weeks in advance. This is a great improvement. I’m sort of addicted to the app, so that can be a slight problem. I’m trying to train myself just to look at it three to four times a day instead of my 20.. 🙂 It fun to see how many people are following you and who has given you comments. I’m proud of myself I have a rating of 5 apples constantly. I probably give more A game to those kids that seem more energetic than others. Because they ones that are harder sort of make you fizz to nothing, unless it is a real bully that decides he will just sit there with a grimace on his face. Then I’ll up the happiness to max. That drives them nuts because they are mad they are upsetting you. Love it! Yeah, I’m weird, but it’s the challenge of it.

I’m enjoying this teaching job. I have to say some days do get discouraging when students are difficult or you find other teachers haven’t been doing there job. But I’ll say out of the 66 kids I’ve taught so far only a handful have been challenging. I hate the ones that roll their eyes, pretend they are asleep, or play with their gum on screen. The jumpy ones too. I love my Pre-VIPs, too they are fun.

So much to say, but I’ll save it for another posting. I’m glad you stopped by and I hope to see you soon. 🙂

Good bye for now…

My first month with VIPKiD

Hi, everyone… It’s been a busy month or so. I thought I’d drop in and give you all an update.

Well… the first few weeks went great with VIPKid. Then for some reason China had a holiday called Sweeping Tomb’s. To put it in a nutshell, this is China’s memorial day and they go to all parts of the country to clean family tombs and leave food and money to the dead. Strange, yet interesting to learn about a culture that I didn’t know about.  (I didn’t have many students that week.) 😦 That’s one thing about working for another country, you learn about other people’s culture and how things are similar and different to your own.

Bookings? Well…. If I haven’t explained already, let me do that now. You can set your own hours between 5pm-10pm Beijing Time, which is roughly 12 hours different on the East Coast of the USA. VipKid recommends about 7.5 hours a week. That’s a nice round number. I’m now working about 9 hours in total. It’s slow at first, but at this moment I can tell you my bookings are starting to pick up.

By the third week, I was offered a job promotion. I don’t know how many other people get this offer, but I was asked if I’d be interested in teaching Pre-VIP, which is really the companies preschool curriculum. I joined and at this moment I’ve only taught two Pre-VIPs, but I have several others coming up. It can get strange sometimes, you can have a Pre-VIP first 25 minutes, and the next could be a Level 5, and your third student could be Level 2. WOW!!! Talk about adaptation!  I need lots of props for my Pre-VIPs and need fewer for my level 5s and maybe a few flash cards and entertainment puppets for Level 2 and 3.

Does it get stressful?

Well… it can get stressful, especially if kids are late for class or are having difficulty understanding with the material. I know when a kid is struggling and I think they can tell by my facial expressions there is something slightly wrong.  It also makes me feel bad, when I’m sensing other teachers haven’t been teaching the students correctly. 😦 When you have to keep repeating sentences with the kids about 4 times, it does get stressful. But in the end, you are really happy you took the time, because they now understand the material.

Well… That’s it for now… If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and maybe I’ll just blog about your ideas. 🙂 Also, if you think you could be a great candidate for the program, message me below as well. I’ll give you ideas in order to pass the mock and recommendations for videos to watch in order to prepare for the interview. I’ll also give you my super duper special link to sign up.

See you soon and happy Teaching.

Coming up soon!

Hi, Coming up I’m going to tell you all about my first month with VIPKid. It has been an interesting ride. 🙂 Plus, I got some great news to share with all of you.

If you have any questions, let me know. If you are interested in joining, please click here and please read my last posting about the interview process. It’s extensive, but it’s proof you can do the job well and correctly.

I’ll see you again soon. Keep on teaching! 🙂

Our first meeting

Welcome to this site. I’m excited to share this awesome adventure with you. Throughout the weeks, I’ll be updating and designing this site more and more and hopefully post once a week about my experiences. If you like what you see, please FOLLOW me via email or WordPress for my latest updates. I’ll be happy for the follow, but you are not obligated to do so. 🙂

I can’t wait to share this experience with you as I become a better English, speaker, writer, and teacher.

If you like to have more information or are interested in signing up to teach yourself, you can signup here. I just want to note. If you are planning to sign up, you must be prepared to make time for three interviews (One 25 minute intro interview and two 1 hour interviews) in a week’s time span. 

Any questions feel free to drop a comment below or use the contact form.

See you all soon. 🙂 And Happy Teaching!