The Interview Process

Hi, everyone… My name is Teacher Gabby.

Let’s get started together learning about what the VIPKID opportunity is. This is a great program and I can’t say enough about it. VIPKID allows you to teach English to little children 5-12 years old. However, first you have to under go the interview process to see if you’ll fit as a teacher.

When you sign up to teach at VIPKID, they ask for a couple of things. Most importantly they ask for your Bachelor’s degree and resume. This is the easy part.  Once you apply, you are then handed over the PPT (short for PowerPoint) for the first interview. 🙂 Set up your time you want to meet and you are on your way. However, this is only step one.

If you pass, which I’m sure you will pass the first interview, you will then be notified within 12 hours after to set up your next interview. This will be a full class session with an experienced teacher. 🙂 That’s step two.

The last and final step is the third interview. You are required to teach two different classes in about 30 minutes total (15 for the first younger aged class, 15 for the second older aged class). The mentors will be your student.  It’s not hard, but you need to just understand the teachers are acting like children.  

Here’s a few things you might need to  consider for the interview process and for later on:

You will get the PPTs for the classes for the interviews, but you won’t get them to download here on out. They will be accessible to you in the Classroom within 48 hours before the class you are teaching. Then you can study them there.

I’d like to also note, it would be a good idea to set up and email account just for VIPKID so you don’t lose important information.

You will want a whiteboard of some sort. I have a mobile set up because I don’t have the location to keep my “classroom” up all the time. Just to note, VIPKID loves white backgrounds. Just remember the old anagram KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Fewer things are better than a ton.

Lastly, VIPKID loves props and likes you to also use the functionality of their PPTs. I use ABC Flash card to introduce letters to kids. Not all classes will use props, but it does get their attention. 

That’s all you need to know. 🙂

Some of my favorite teachers on Youtube that tell you about VIPKID is Nancy Taylor and Stephanie Rivera. There are others, but those are my favorites.

If you are interested in teaching at VIPKID or you want more information, let me know below in the comments and I’ll be sure to help you out.  I want to also recommend if and when you get hired, the VIPKid Teacher app is your best friend. I love it and it keeps getting better everyday.

Hope you enjoyed my post today. Please follow me for more information and join me on my journey with VIPKID.

See you soon!!!!



Author: Sparkly0917

I'm a VIPKID ESL teacher, licensed cosmetologist, certified makeup artist, crafter, beauty blogger, and somewhat a fashionista.

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